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LINGUAGEA, an SME in the form of a sole proprietorship, created on 05/05/2010, as owner of the domain and the subdomain, is obliged to process information called "personal data". Some of this information may identify you as a beneficiary of our services and products, through contact forms, downloads and registrations for courses offered on the aforementioned sites, administrative or contractual documents, and our exchanges by email, post or telephone.

LINGUAGEA undertakes that the collection and processing of your personal data will be limited to what is strictly necessary, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the Data Protection Act of the French Republic of July 6, 1978 (updated by simplified regulation No. 48: Deliberation No. 2005-112 of June 7, 2005), on data protection.


1. What is the purpose of the use of your data?

  • To provide you with information or provide you with the services you have requested (training, translation, proofreading, etc.);
  • The performance of a contract or training agreement concluded between the two parties;
  • To comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;
  • Your consent to the use of your data;
  • The legitimate interest in using your data to satisfy you as a beneficiary of our services and products restricted to the framework of your activity or professional project.

 2. Nature and origin of the data collected

2.1. Data you send us directly when requesting information or ordering a product or service, in particular:

  • Surname, first name, position
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address, e-mail address, landline and/or mobile phone number;
  • Any other information you wish us to know.

2.2. Data relating to the follow-up of our commercial and educational relationship, in particular:

  • Individual follow-up during the training course, exchange and transmission of information between the educational team (training coordinators and trainers).
  • Needs to acquire or reinforce skills in one or more areas of training;
  • Related to the financing of your training courses and the purchase of our products and services;
  • Invoicing.

2.3. Data collected through our MOODLE distance learning platform:

Information relating to learners will not be used for purposes other than training and will not be communicated to third parties. Only a very restricted circle of persons may import/export learner information linked to a course or training.

The purpose of the data collected in MOODLE is:

  • To inform all learners about the development of the courses (timetables, agenda, changes in the sessions, transmission of pedagogical contents...).
  • To collect pedagogical recommendations from trainers and course coordinators;
  • Collect connection times to our distance learning platform to follow the progress of our students;
  • Send messages, e-mails and alerts related to the course;
  • Produce statistics on our courses (success rates, etc.);
  • Communicate with students and answer their questions;
  • Our distance learning platform is configured to ensure the following:
  • Regular updating of Moodle
  • Use of unique passwords for each user
  • Security alerts

2.4. Data relating to a third party

Before enrolling a third party in one of our courses, please ensure that the person concerned has given their consent for their personal data to be communicated to us.

2.5. Exclusion of all sensitive data

LINGUAGEA does not collect any sensitive data about you, in particular data relating to: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, data relating to health or sexual orientation.

2.6 Cookie policy

The internal cookies used by our websites to enable them to function optimally are harmless and small in size. You can object to them and delete them by configuring your browser settings, although your user experience may be degraded.

Users of our websites enter minimal information about themselves on our contact forms, which are sent to us by email and are not stored on the Internet.

Third-party cookies, placed directly by these services, are intended to enhance the interactivity of the site. We use sharing buttons on our website, which link to our pages on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter, which have their own cookie management policies.

Cookies collected by third parties are used for their own purposes, in accordance with their privacy policy.

3. Operations carried out on the data

Creation, consultation, modification, extraction without data storage, backup/restore, restricted transfer to the recipients mentioned in paragraph 4, deletion at the end of the retention period.

4. Internal and external recipients

Persons who may have access to some of your data are:

Our partners, who are subject to a confidentiality UNDERTAKING for those persons who are required to process personal data, in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Data Controller regarding data protection and security.

5. Data retention periods

The retention periods vary in accordance with the legal provisions or in proportion to the purposes for which the data were recorded, i.e:

  • after 36 months (3 years): deletion of personal data of persons inactive for 3 years from the database (right to be forgotten). These data will be included in an exclusion database that allows us to justify our processing and/or will be anonymised in order to preserve them for their statistical value;
  • after 13 months: new request for consent from website visitors for the processing of cookies;
  • after 1 month: deadline for taking action following a request for rectification, deletion or return of personal data at the request of the data subject;
  • retention of deleted contacts in a database/opt-out list so that they are not contacted again in the future, in compliance with the regulations;
  • after 2 years: deletion of information on unsuccessful candidates for training or collaboration after the last contact;
  • 10 years: accounting documents are kept for 10 years from the end of the financial year (order, delivery or receipt forms, invoices from customers and suppliers, etc.).

6. Data protection

Technical and organisational measures are implemented to protect your personal data against alteration, loss, unauthorised use and disclosure, in particular:

  • the appointment of a data protection officer;
  • the signing of a confidentiality undertaking by all persons who have to process personal data;
  • storage within the European Union.

7. Your data protection rights and freedoms:

  • keep you informed about data use and your rights
  • obtain and check your data
  • rectify your data
  • dereference content associated with your name and surname that is visible in a search engine
  • freeze or limit the use of your data
  • request human intervention
  • obtain a copy of your data for reuse elsewhere
  • access the means of payment file
  • object to the use of your data
  • delete your data

8. Exercising your rights

To exercise your rights, you can send a request to, specifying the subject of the e-mail and proving your identity.

Contact for the purpose of receiving information about LINGUAGEA's product and service offers, as well as news from the aforementioned web pages, is made through the form accessible in "Contact". Thus, when the user enters personal data when contacting LINGUAGEA, he/she will do so to LINGUAGEA and in no case to any other company.

The above privacy policy may be modified by LINGUAGEA if deemed appropriate, in full compliance with current legislation.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Laloubère. France

We look forward to hearing from you.